lighting-consultant.jpgWhat Does a Lighting Consultant Do?

A trained lighting consultant helps clients make the appropriate choices when choosing their lighting requirements. Style as well as energy savings both play a role when making decisions.

Your lighting consultant is always up-to-date with all the latest trends as well as building requirements and technical terminology.


Home Owners

An older home can be bought up to date with new light fittings. When I look up at a ceiling with rows of halogen downlights I shudder at the waste of energy and the expense of the quarterly power bill... more


Trades People

Electricians, builders, landscapers have so many things to co-ordinate and don’t also need the added burden of coming up with a good lighting plan. As a lighting professional I can assist you to gain a better understanding your customer’s needs... more


Business Owners

Whether you are a restaurateur, café or boutique owner, beautician, hair salon or even a furniture store by updating your lights and modernizing your business premises you could attract new customers and increase sales... more

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What our clients have said...

"Yvette was able to explain our lighting requirements very clearly which we were really thankful for and she was a pleasure to do business with. We also found that a lot of Yvette's suggestions incorporated great money saving ideas and economies."

David - Crows Nest